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Security alarm service advice in Central Texas.

Top alarm system advice; don’t sign a long-term contract, don’t agree to a credit check & do your math long-term. Central Security does not have a long-term agreement to establish services, only requires a 90-day notice to cancel. Central Security does not charge for standard service calls or basic replacement parts. Full-Service security alarm, fire alarm, access control, and video surveillance system in Central Texas.

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View Your Home From Anywhere!

Our main aim is to provide you with the best experience while handling security cameras and alarm systems installation in Central Texas. Thus, our team of experts focuses on the incorporation of the latest technology, simple installation process, and easy upgrade to let you enjoy all the benefits of security cameras & alarm systems installation without putting much effort into maintenance

Video Surveillance

When it comes to video surveillance systems and security camera systems, Central Security is a leader in Central Texas. We have decades of experience both designing and installing video systems of all types. Whether you have a need for a simple system to see visitors at your front door or you need a sophisticated multiple camera video recording system for a large facility, Central Security can make it happen. Central Security provides only quality equipment and professional installation at an affordable cost.

Residential Security

Central Security has your home video security needs thoroughly covered. We can position attractive, discrete cameras both inside and outside as needed. With digital video recording, you’ll have a video record of every visitor that approaches your home. You can monitor your babysitter or maid. Your recorded videos can be reviewed or retained for viewing at a later time. Would you like to see what’s happening when you are not home? You can view the video from your cameras in real-time on your iPhone, iPad, or smartphone. We have you covered.


Central Security has extensive experience designing and installing video systems for large facilities. We can design a sophisticated system tailored for your specific needs and deploy it using quality, affordable components. Our technicians are highly trained professionals with the experience to tackle any challenge your facility may offer. All Security Pro consultants and technicians receive continuous ongoing education in best practices and are state-certified.


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