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If my system communicates over telephone lines, what happens if my phone lines are cut? Expand

If your phone lines are cut and your system does not have a cellular device as a back-up communicator, there will be no communication of the alarm event.

If I have pets, is there a problem? Expand

Central Security uses equipment designed to ignore certain pets. Newer technology allows for your pets to move freely throughout the house.

My alarm has a backup battery. How often should it be replaced? Expand

The systems we install monitor the condition of the battery. The keypad will usually beep to alert the owner of a low battery condition. Batteries typically last 2-4 years.

How do I change my backup battery? Expand

Note: It is recommended that you contact the Monitoring Center and put your system in test mode prior to changing the battery.

If your system keypad indicates that it has a “low battery” and you have confirmed that it is from the main panel and not a wireless transmitter that has a low battery, you can replace it simply by removing the system battery (disconnect red lead and black lead, not in any specific order) and take the battery to your local Central Security office for replacement. We suggest calling us first to make sure that we have the correct battery in stock. (Please note: It may take 4-12 hours for a “new” battery to come up to a full charge as they are not always at a full charge when you purchase them.

I already have a system but it was installed by another company, can you monitor it? Expand

We routinely monitor security systems installed by others and we would be honored to help you with your system. If you own a home or business with a security system installed by others, please contact us or view our for more information. If you have an existing monitoring agreement with another company, just let us know when it expires and we will notify you 30 days prior to that date.

How can I track who is using my system? Expand

Central Security can provide monthly reports detailing who is using your system and when they are using it.

Types of monitoring:

  1. Non-Supervised – this will only log and dispatch on burglar alarm activation’s
  2. Supervised Log Only – this will record open and close activities as well as log and dispatch on burglar alarm activation’s.
  3. Fully Supervised – this will record open and close activities; log and dispatch on burglar activation; and notify responsible parties in the event that an open and close occurs before or after the schedule set by the account holder
  4. Remote services (Total Connect-enabled alarm system) using Total Connect application subscription. Text or email alerts can be sent to your internet-enabled device (cellular phone, Ipad, etc.).

If you are not sure which type of monitoring you have or would like to discuss options for tracking how to know who is using the alarm system, please contact A Central Security Representative at 512-956-5546.

What is the difference between smoke and/or carbon monoxide detectors that I can buy at a hardware store- or installed by a home builder – and those connected through a security system? Expand

Smoke detectors bought at a retail store are battery powered and are excellent safety devices for saving lives. However, their purpose is to make a noise only and alert you when you are home. What happens when you are away from your home or business and nobody is there to call the fire department? Also, store-bought smoke and carbon monoxide detectors work as long as the batteries are always charged and someone is home and can ‘hear’ the detector. Monitored smoke and carbon monoxide detectors that are connected to your security system don’t rely on batteries and instead use the security system’s power and backup battery in the event of a power failure. Monitored smoke detectors are connected by wiring through the security system so that when smoke is detected, a signal is sent to the central station and we contact the fire department. This is a major benefit when there is no one home to ‘hear’ the detector. Monitored smoke detectors work even when your system is in ‘disarm’ mode.

Does Central Security conduct background investigations on all newly hired employees? Expand

Yes, we clearly understand that our business involves access to sensitive information and locations. Each new employee goes through an extensive background and drug check to ensure there is a clean history. Central Security also has several employees that are cleared for secure government access.

Does Central Security provide security guard services? Expand

No, Central Security does not provide security guard services, but we do contract security guard services through several industry partners.

What products & services do you provide? Expand

Central Security strives to serve all industries to the best of its ability. If your particular industry isn’t listed, it is likely that we simply don’t have room on our website to provide an exhaustive list. Give us a call and you will be pleasantly surprised to learn that we will be a great fit to meet your life safety and security needs, no matter what your business entails.


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