Access Control

Brivo Onair Access Control and WhosOnLocation visitor management and mustering solutions ensure that you are only granting automated access to authorized individuals, and can keep track of visitors at all times.

You now know who is accessing your facility and when. You can give temporary access to vendors, contractors and consultants. More importantly, using the WhosOnLocation mustering and roll-call mobile app, you have visibility into everyone who is on-site via the built in mustering report.

In the event of an emergency you can quickly verify everyone’s safety. you can track actual time spent on location and generate reports for your leadership team.

With Brivo Onair and WhosOnLocation you are able to provide a secure and flexible work environment for all your facility entrants.

Cartoon Burglar
Cartoon Burglar

  • Quickly sign-in visitors, including large groups,and provide guests with badges
  • Pre-register visitors and consultants and create temporary badges
  • Receive automatic notifications and reports via email and SMS
  • Monitor and manage who is on-site and reconcile invoices against contractor time on-site
  • Simple integration of two products to ensure stronger security practices
  • Mustering capability to ensure all building entrants are accounted for in case of an emergency
  • User upload, sharing, and list managment via WhosOnLocation or Brivo Onair