Alarm Monitoring in Austin

Central Security is the leader in Smart Home Security, giving you solutions to monitor, protect and automate your home with the Alarm Monitoring Security System.

More than a smart app or a cool thermostat, seamlessly connects the key devices in your home on one platform — so they work together and work smarter.

Each system is easily customized to your home’s unique configuration and your needs. Central Security has Licensed Security experts that will help you to find the solution you're looking for. Experience Alarm Monitoring System now.


What time did my teenager get home?
Did I forget to close the garage door when I left today?

Unlike traditional systems that only alert you in an alarm event, lets you know what’s happening at your property at any time.

It’s easy to set your own alerts and reminders to be notified of any activity you care about, whether your system is armed or not.


Are your energy bills higher than they were last year? Smart home technology makes it easy to turn things around. Simply apply these set-and-forget energy-saving features, and relax. Call us at (512)956-5536 and get a quote now.

We are a perfect choice when it comes to home security services.


Create unique lock codes for each user, and set a schedule to control when the codes can be used. You can limit access by day and time.

You can create and disable codes at any time, so there’s no need to rekey or change your locks.

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